International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network


13th - 15th October 2011 - Dubrovnik, Croatia
The purpose of this workshop is to assist projects in creating and managing a project website using the freely available IW:LEARN Toolkit. In addition, related ICT subjects such as content development, visualization and content syndication, as well as how to use the IW:LEARN Community Workspace will be discussed.

Target Audience

The workshop is appropriate for information/communication specialists, IT managers and project members who are responsible for developing and/or maintaining a project website.


  • Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the Toolkit capabilities and functions including freely available resources on the internet. Participants will also gain hands-on knowledge on how to create, manage and maintain the website with little or no IT knowledge.
  • Participants will be introduced how to include basic visualization in a project toolkit website, how to develop and syndicate contents, use the toolkit as an outreach tool, and monitor website performance.
  • Participants will have a better understanding of the GEF IW Portfolio needs for shared information and develop a joint work plan.
  • Participants will also be introduced to the Community Workspace so they can assist project members in using the workspace for online community collaboration.

Schedule and Course Outline

The 3-day workshop will cover topics ranging from Website Toolkit development and management to content development, visualization tools and introduction to the IW:LEARN Community Workspace.