International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

UNEP/GEF IW:LEARN Data and Information Management Workshop

13th - 16th July 2009 - Tunis, Tunisia
The purpose of the workshop is to improve access to geographic data and information generated from GEF IW projects and partners worldwide.
Exercise 1 - session A- Creating new metadata using templates   
In this session of the exercise, you will create a new metadata record based on the default GeoNetwork's templates.
Exercise 1 – session B-Editing new metadata   
In this session of the exercise you will describe a dataset by creating a new metadata record in the catalogue using the on-line metadata editor.
Exercise 1 - session C-Uploading thumbnails   
In this session of the exercise, you will learn how to upload the graphic overview of the dataset to the metadata just created. You will use image(s) that will be scaled according to the GeoNetwork standards.
Exercise 1 - session D-Linking data for download   
In this session of the exercise, you will learn how to prepare the dataset for the publication and uploading it on the web.
Exercise 2-Setting access privileges   
With the previous exercises, you created a new metadata, associated a graphic overview to it and uploaded the related dataset onto a local GeoNetwork application. In this exercise you will learn how to set access privileges to your metadata and data.
Exercise 3-Assigning categories to a metadata   
As a final step to entering metadata for a dataset, you should now assign categories for it. The assigned values will determine the categories the dataset will belong to, on the home page.
Exercise 4-Creating a metadata using XML   
With this exercise you will create a new metadata record using the XML Metadata Insert tool. This tool is particularly useful if you already have a metadata in XML format and you want to import it into the GeoNetwork database. It is very important...
Exercise 5-Creating customized metadata templates   
With this exercise you will practice the creation of an ad hoc template with the purpose of preparing a metadata structure that is best adapted to the data to describe. Starting from a new metadata, presented in the default view, you may decide to...
Exercise 8-Creation of new group and user profiles   
This exercise aims to guide you in the creation of new user groups and user profiles in your GeoNetwork node according to your Organization needs. The user with administrative privileges can manage the creation of various groups corresponding to t...