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UNEP/GEF IW:LEARN Caribbean Workshop

1st - 2nd June 2009 - Kingston, Jamaica
The GEF IW:LEARN Project is organising an Information Technology (IT) Workshop to be held Mon 2nd - Fri 6th June 2008.

The purpose of this workshop is to assist projects in creating and managing a project website using the freely available IW:LEARN Toolkit. In addition, related ICT subjects such as GIS and content syndication will be discussed.

Target Audience

The workshop is appropriate for information specialists, IT managers and project members who are responsible for developing and/or maintaining a project website.


  • Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the Toolkit capabilities and functions including freely available resources on the internet. Participants will also gain hands-on knowledge on how to create, manage and maintain the website with little or no IT knowledge.

  • Participants will be introduced to WebGIS using the Toolkit's GIS module including how it can be used to access data from other GIS map servers on the internet.

  • IW:LEARN will have a better understanding of project needs and develop a joint work plan to address these needs in reasonable work ti

Agenda for LAC workshop   
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LAC participants   
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LAC invitation Letter (English)   
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LAC agenda(pdf)   
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