International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Public Participation in International Waters Workshop, Hanoi

3rd April - 5th April 2008 - Hanoi, Vietnam
GEF IW:LEARN workshop on "Public Participation in International Waters Management" for Asia. The workshop will be delivered in the Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 2-4 April, 2008, in partnership with ELI, Global Forum on Oceans, GEF agencies and area projects.

The Workshop was designed to provide participants with an opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from regional and international experts in order to strengthen the capacity of their projects to more effectively engage the stakeholders and the public in international waters management. The Workshop will include projects at various stages of implementation: some projects are just starting up, others are developing their stakeholder involvement plans, and others have been completed. Moreover, there is a range of contexts – rivers, lakes, aquifers, and large marine ecosystems – that provides opportunities for a broad range of experiences to be shared. Participants are expected to represent a diverse cross-section of stakeholder groups, including project managers, NGOs, representatives of the private sector, and regional and international experts.