International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Payment for Ecosystems Workshop

3rd April - 5th April 2008 - Hanoi, Vietnam
This GEF IW:LEARN workshop will support both freshwater and large marine ecosystem (LME) projects supported by the GEF. Others have been invited to attend on a "space available" basis.

To help build the capacities in design of PES schemes needed, IUCN-The World Conservation Union, in partnership with GEF IW:LEARN and the World Bank Institute, is planning a 3-day regional workshop on designing payment schemes for ecosystem services. The workshop will bring togetherexperts and practitioners working in freshwater and marine environments in a joint event, to foster learning, sharing of experience and innovation.

The workshop will be facilitated by a team of specialists with experience of PES projects. Participants will be provided with key learning materials, including the toolkit PAY – Establishing Payments for Watershed Services, part of the IUCN Water and Nature Toolkit Series (see

Training will be based on real-world cases where PES are being used to create incentives for sustainable management of river basins or marine environments. Participants will use lessons from these cases to adapt approaches for designing and coordinating development of PES schemes for application in Asia.

The workshop is aimed at senior managers and specialists from GEF International Waters projects in Asia and partners in government, basin management agencies and civil society.

Elements of a PES Agreement (Moore)   
Elements of a PES agreement
Identifying Marketable Environmental Services (Peters)   
Identifying marketable ecosystem services
Methods for Valuing Beneficiary Willingness to Pay: Contingent Valuation of Marine Turtles in East and Southeast Asia (Nabangchang/Thuy)   
Methods for valuing beneficiary willingness to pay: contingent valuation of marine turtles in East and Southeast Asia
So what have we learned about PES so far?   
Summary of key insights and lessons learned from the workshop
The Concept and Application of Payment for Ecosystem Services (Warner)   
The concept and application of payment for environmental services
The Economic Background to Payments for Environmental Services (Emerton)   
An economic perspective on ecosystem conservation
The Pilot Payments for Forest Environmental Services Policy in Vietnam and PES pilot sites in the Dong Nai River Basin (Peters)   
Viet Nam - Pilot Payments for Forest Environmental Services Policy. Presentation from the April 2008 workshop on Payments for Ecosystem Services in Hanoi, Vietnam, run by IUCN and IW:LEARN.
Tools and Issues in Identifying, Designing and Implementing PES (Emerton)   
Presentation from the April 2008 workshop on Payments for Ecosystem Services in Hanoi, Vietnam, run by IUCN and IW:LEARN.Introduction to the session
User-Pay System in Sea Use Law of China (Endo)   
The user-pay system in the Sea Use Law of China
Why Pay? Why Reward? (De LosAngeles)   
Assessing the services provided
Monitoring in PES (Agarwal)   
Monitoring in PES