International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Data and Information Management (DIM) Workshop

27 May 2024
This workshop dedicated to Data and Information Management (DIM), taking place back-to-back to the 23rd Large Marine Ecosystems consultation meeting (LME23), aims to resume the work on DIM and to establish a longer term strategy on DIM for GEF-funded International Waters (IW) projects.

5 June 2024 from 2pm to 5:30pm (CEST) HYBRID


Data and information are vital for developing, assessing, and enforcing management policies, strategies, and interventions. Knowledge sharing and learning exchanges provide valuable platforms for disseminating data and information to various stakeholders, the wider public, and practitioners. Throughout the policy cycle in international waters—from decision-making and implementation to monitoring, analysis, and recommendations—data and information play a critical role. They enhance understanding and awareness of environmental issues, causes, sources, and impacts. Additionally, data and information are integral to the ongoing development and assessment of management strategies, enabling better enforcement, informed decision-making, and proactive individual actions.

Workshop Objectives

Building on the outcomes and products on Data and Information Management (DIM) achieved during IW:LEARN4 (2016-2020) and LME:LEARN (2016-2019), the objectives of this workshop are:

  • To inform on the status of the DIM workstream and share experiences from LME projects;
  • To present the latest DIM developments by partners;
  • To brainstorm on the next steps with respect to the four pillars (metadata; visualization; legal aspects; data/indicators/assessments), towards a longer term strategy for DIM.

The DIM workshop will take place back-to-back to the 23rd Large Marine Ecosystems (LME23) consultation meeting. Participants will include LME project managers and external partners on data and information management issues.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IW:LEARN PCU at: