International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

IW:LEARN III Project Preparation Grant(PPG) Inception Workshop

15th - 17th Dec 2009 - Nairobi, Kenya
Agree on arrangements to operationalize the objective of IW:LEARN III, which is “to strengthen global portfolio experience sharing and learning, dialogue facilitation, targeted knowledge sharing and replication in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GEF IW projects to deliver tangible results in partnership with other IW initiatives

Workshop Outputs

  1. PPG annual workplan and defination of roles and responsibilities
  2. IW:LEARN 3 components & indicative activities defined
  3. IW:LEARN 3 FSP Steering committe proposed membership & terms of reference
  4. For each PIF output
  •          Partner consensus on indicative activities during implementation
  •          Identification of partners & cofinance opportunities and sustainability
  •          Consensus on preparatory activities during PPG implementation
  •          Indicators and targets for each outcome

  5. Concept an technical specifications for