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IW:LEARN Data & Visualization Workshop

17th - 20th March 2014 - Manila, Philippines
UNEP/IW:LEARN ICT Workshop on Spatial Data Management

Co-organized by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, the workshop aims to help projects and their partners communicate spatial data using maps by providing an in-depth understanding and transferring and enhancing the skills needed for spatial data management using best practices and standards. The workshop will evolve mainly on the use of GeoNode platform, which is an open source, online collaborative platform that enables the managing, sharing and increased use of geospatial data, and which can aid decision-making processes for the management of marine and freshwater ecosystems and resources.

The specific objectives of the workshop are:

to emphasize the role of ICT tools and spatial data as an aid for project management and decision-making

to establish a community of practice for data managers and communicators in the region

to enable GEF IW projects and their partners, national and regional organizations to collaborate, publish and share geodata with different access layers using Geonode.

As a key outcome, the workshop hopes to contribute to a global effort in making data more discoverable, interoperable and used to their full potential.

Participants will benefit from:

Experience sharing and networking

A primer on data visualization and web mapping within the context of development organizations

Getting started with mapping, including hands on exercises in creating, managing and utilizing maps using Geonode and other tools

Learning how to use the data in your GeoNode

Learning how to integrate GeoNode with other applications and systems

At the end of the project, participants will draw an action plan to enable followups and interventions or solutions for any challenges if needed.


Participants must be comfortable with technical subjects and learning in a fast-paced environment

As English will be the official language for the workshop, good English communication skills is a must

Ability to use the computer software, internet and online tools

Familiarity with data sets

Knowledge of Excel is recommended

Has access to relevant data sets either in digitized (CSV or Excel) or print format (publications, maps, etc.) which will be used for hands-on exercises

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