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Application of Environmental Flows in River Basin Management

11th -15th Feb 2008 - Iguacu, Brazil
IW:LEARN Regional Training Workshop for Latin America/Caribbean How can river basin management meet the needs of people and economic development alongside protection of the environment? This is the main challenge facing sustainable development in river basins today where dams or surface water abstraction have modified flows. Environmental flows are being applied in an expanding number of basins worldwide to meet this challenge. Environmental flows entails setting allocations of water between uses, whether for agriculture, hydropower, cities or sustaining wetlands and fisheries. Amounts allocated and the timing of flows are set using participatory processes, based on assessments of the social, economic and environmental impacts of alternate flow regimes. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and GEF-IW:LEARN, in partnership with the World Bank Institute, are holding a training workshop.

Learning Objectives

1.Understanding the links between river flow regimes and economic,social and ecological impacts
2.Introduce methods for flow assessment and options for modifying flows
3.Review requirements for enabling implementation of environmentalflows
4.Synthesis of components into practical designs for application of environmental flows
Compose follow-up plans and decide how to use the Environmental Flows Network in the LAC Region

Aplicacion de Caudales Ambientales en el MAnejo de Cuencas Fluviales (Arcelus)   
8.2 Presentation: Regulation of flow for the Rio Uruguay Plata system (30 mins)
EFA Case Story: Pangani Basin, Tanzania   
3. Pangani Basin, Tanzania – presented by Mark Smith
Escenarios para la Cuenca del Platadel Plata: Conclusiones del Análisis Diagnóstico Transfronterizo (ADT) (Rucks)   
7.2 Presentation: Scenarios for the Plata River – Insights from the Plata TDA (20')
Estableciendo caudales empleando escenarios (Nevillo)   
7.1 Presentation: Setting flow objectives using flow scenarios (30 mins)
Methods and tools for defining Environmental Flows (de Freitas)   
4.1 Presentation: Overview of methods of flow assessment (30 mins)
Vazao Ecologica, Vazao Ambiental, Vazao Remanescente, VAzao Minima, Vazao de Restricao (Gondim)   
4. Potential for Environmental Flows in Brazilian River Systems - presented by Joaquim Gondim, ANA (tbc)
Participant List - Foz de Igaucu   
Participant List