International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Marine Knowledge Exchange

26 Jun 2019
A one day session designed to increase experience sharing and lessons learned among the GEF International Waters marine projects in Africa.

The overall aim of the knowledge exchange was to:

  • Share experiences, assess challenges and opportunities relating to ocean governance;
  • Integrated coastal management, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, marine spatial planning, and ecosystem management in the region;
  • Build on existing partnerships and achievements to enhance GEF IW portfolio impact at the local and regional level;
  • Promote new initiatives and partnerships to accelerate the progress of GEF IW marine projects in the region

Participants shared their experience, challenges, and best practice in topics such as Marine Pollution, Marine Spatial Planning, Ocean Management, and Harmonizing Ecosystem Management Approaches. 

Agenda of the Knowledge Exchange Session for GEF International Waters Marine Projects   
A detailed agenda for the Knowledge Exchange and the presenters can be found in the PDF
Management of land based pollution in South Africa   
Luvuyo Bali shared the experience and challenges in implementing the Benguela Current LME demonstration project on the management of land based pollution in South Africa.
Marine Spatial Planning in the Benguela Current   
Yamkela Mngxe shared the experience of the MARISMA Project being executed by the Benguela Current Convention. The talk focused on marine spatial planning in the Large Marine Ecosystem, the process, the challenges and the opportunities.
Experiences from the West Africa Fisheries Program   
Salieu Kabba Sankoh gave a presentation on the establishment and management of Marine Protected Areas in West Africa. This presentation provided an overview of the legislation, how community engagement and stakeholder participation was undertaken,...
The MedFund   
Romain Renoux shared the project experience and best practice in establishing a sustainable financing mechanism for marine protected areas in the Mediterranean. This funding mechanism is designed to last for perpetuity, it is a tool for policy dia...