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Groundwater Governance

31 May 2019
Coordinated by James Saurumba, Brighton Munyai and Thokozani Dlamini from the Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI).

Groundwater plays a significant role in the SADC region, supporting about 70% of the 250 million people that live in the region.  Some member states actively integrate groundwater into their water resource management policies and laws; but generally groundwater does not feature prominently in institutional frameworks to manage water at both national and transboundary levels.

The rationale for the establishment of the SADC-GMI was based on the importance of groundwater in the region and the need to set up a “Centre of Excellence” for groundwater management and groundwater dependent ecosystems in the region, and to have an institution that will serve as an interlocutor with national, regional and international groundwater initiatives and institutions.

This session informed participants on lessons learned and best practices.

Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute SADC-GMI   
James Sauramba (Executive Director) provided an overview of the dependency of the SADC region on groundwater and the challenges in using this resource for water security.