International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

GEF IW:LEARN: Strengthening Transboundary Water Management

31 May 2019

As an IW project manager or partner, you’re probably wondering how GEF IW:LEARN can support you. This session was designed to highlight the services we offer that enhance GEF International Waters project impacts.

The key services offered by the project were presented by Mish Hamid (Project Manager, GEF IW:LEARN). 

Miles Macmillan-Lawler (GRID-Arendal) introduced the GEF IW:LEARN Spatial Lab (, which is a multi-purpose platform to support GEF IW project data storage and visualisation needs. The platform supports the storage and discovery of spatial data for transboundary water management and the creation of interactive, shareable maps.

Finally, the Communications session presented by Kaya Asdal (GRID-Arendal) offered tips on how to write a story and how to promote it using social media. 

DRAFT IWLEARN Spatial Lab guidelines   
The IW:LEARN Spatial Lab aims to provide a central service for sharing and discovering geodata. The platform lets users upload, manage, and browse and visualize data, and export public data in reusable formats. This brief guide takes you through t...
IWLEARN Spatial Lab training powerpoint   
This presentation guides projects through the use of the spatial lab. It also highlights how the tool can be used during project implementation or after project closing to manage the data generated.
GEF 7 Programming Directions Overview   
Astrid Hillers (Global Environment Facility), provided insight into the replenishment phase under GEF 7, specifically for the International Waters Focal Area.