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Creating an Investable Project and Securing Sustainable Financing

31 May 2019
Coordinated by Keiron Brand, Lindsay Bass, Chanda Kumwenda of the World Wildlife Fund, and Sonja Koeppel of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Inability to access needed financing in many systems implies that the potential benefits of transboundary cooperation and development are not being fully realised. Different types of financing are needed for different stages of the cooperation and development process. While public sector financing has been the main source of funding for transboundary basin development, it is increasingly complemented by private sector financing through blended approaches.

Addressing investment needs requires stable legal and institutional frameworks, sustainable finance mechanisms, innovative structures that enable greater cooperation between different players, and the use of blended finance mechanisms. These steps are essential to make projects a bankable, or investable, proposition and secure the participation of the private sector.

This session explored a range of existing modalities to leverage sustainable finance, including innovative mechanisms and promote exchange of experience on how to raise funds from national, regional and international sources for transboundary projects. It will also describe steps of and approaches for as well as examples of bankable projects in this field.

Different finance models of transboundary cooperation institutions, the challenges and lessons learned were introduced, including experience sharing from: 

  • The MedFund
Sustainable finance of transboundary water cooperation and basin development   
Presentation by Sonja Koeppel of the UNECE which provided a session overview and described why financing matters for effective cooperation.
Long term financing of REBOs - Experiences from ORASECOM   
Lenka Thamae (Executive Secretary) presented experiences from the Orange Senqu River Commission on long term financing approaches and how the ORASECOM Joint Basin Survey is financed.
The MedFund : More than just funding   
Romain Renoux shared experience on creating an environmental trust fund for Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. The GEF International Waters project focuses on creating a long-term financial mechanism to enhance Mediterranean MPA manageme...
Financing of the ICPDR: Lessons Learned   
Ivan Zavadsky (Executive Secretary) presented the experience of financing the ICPDR as an example to be replicated by others where applicable.