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Workshop Presentations

17 Oct 2019
Compendium of presentations and other materials delivered by GEF IW:LEARN Partners during the workshop

Together with our partners from the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), we delivered a workshop dedicated to Source to Sea Management, Economic Valuation and Benefit Sharing.

All training materials for Economic Valuation are available on the dedicated section of the GEF IW:LEARN website ( 

Presentations of the remaining sessions can be downloaded using the links below:

Source to Sea Management Presentation by Ruth Mathews   
Source-To-Sea Management is the intended outcome of applying the source-to-sea approach and refers to the establishment of governance, operations, practices and finance that increase collaboration and coherence across the source-to-sea system and ...
Source-to-Sea Framework for Marine Litter Prevention: Preventing Plastic Leakage from River Basins   
This report presents a framework for preventing marine litter based on the source-to-sea conceptual framework presented in Granit et al., 2017 and the practitioners’ guidance for implementing the source-to-sea approach in Mathews et al., 2019. Add...
Source to Sea Guide   
The guide presents a general approach that can be used at all levels and can be adapted to the local context. The guide is intended to be a companion to existing project design, planning and implementation methods. It is expected that users of thi...
Benefit Sharing- Introduction   
Principles, concepts and applications
Benefit Sharing- Session 2   
This session focused on building scenarios, the Benefit Opportunity Analysis Tool (BOAT), and the exercise demonstrating scenarios without cooperation and with cooperation.
Benefit Sharing- Session 3   
This session focused on negotiating water agreements, the types of agreements and a practical exercise
Benefit Sharing- Session 4   
This session looks at a case study, the Lessons from the Sio-Malaba-Malakisi, and how benefit sharing principles were applied to the basin