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04 Jun 2014 - project-document - project: 587 China Ship Waste Disposal
The objective of the proposed project is to reduce pollution of international and territorial waters caused by ships' wastes through: (a) improved monitoring and analysis of the nature and magnitude of the problem; (b) improved policy, regulato...
02 Jun 2014 - project-document - project: 585 Developing Countires of the Wider Carribean Region: Wider Carribean Initiative for Ship-Generated Waste (1994)
The Project is conceived as the first phase of a longer term process of cleaning up and protecting the Caribbean Sea. The objective of this first phase program is to provide the basis for ratification and implementation of the MARPOL 73178 Conv...
02 Jun 2014 - project-document - project: 585 Wider Caribbean Initiative for Ship-Generated Waste: Factsheet
The project aims to address the existing problem on pollution and ecological damage from ship-generated waste in marine and coastal waters and shorelines. Specifically, its goal is to lay the basis for the ratification and implementation of the Ma...




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