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04 Jul 2020 - publication - project: 6920 - English [ATSEA2] Timor-Leste Country Brief
The Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS) are part of the North Australian Shelf marine ecosystem – stretching between the Pacific and Indian Oceans across the Timor Sea to the Torres Strait. The region hosts some of the world’s richest marine biodiversity...
15 Oct 2019 - report - English A Global Call for Leadership on Climate Resilience
AUTHOR: Global Commission on Adaptation ABSTRACT: This report focuses on making the case for climate adaptation, providing specific insights and recommendations in key sectors: food security, the natural environment, water, cities and urban ar...
10 Sep 2018 - publication - English European Commission's Case study: Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) (2017)
Measures and Steps in Addressing Climate-Change Related Coral Reef Issues in the Region. The Coral Triangle Initiative for Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) is a multi-lateral treaty partnership between Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua ...
27 Nov 2017 - publication - project: 3589 Beacons: Stories from the Coral Triangle – Philippines
This book is about outstanding partners who have succeeded in overcoming challenges and made a difference in their communities. It features community champions from the municipality of Taytay and Balabac in Palawan, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga...




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