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24 Mar 2015 | evaluation-report | project: 4029 Baikal project 2012-2014 Results and Events Booklet
The booklet contains project's achievements for the year 2012, 2013 and 2014.
05 Jan 2015 | experience-note | project: 1618 Experience Note: Leveraging Local Actions Through Matched Small Grants and the Caspian Concern Groups
2008: This note takes a glance at the Caspian Sea project's small grants programme. One of the project's objectives was to achieve tangible environmental improvements in priority areas by implementation of small-scale investments supported by a Sm...
27 Nov 2014 | experience-note | project: 767 Experience Note: Lake Chad: Tackling Implementation Challenges Early On
2006: This note covers how the Lake Chad Basin GEF project has responded to initial delays in project implementation. First, the project identified and address weaknesses in inadequate project management at the level of the Project Management Un...
27 Nov 2014 | experience-note | project: 395 Experience Note: Demonstrating the Suitability of Using Engineered Wetlands as a Low-cost Alternative for Treating Sanitary Sewage
2007: The Lake Manzala Engineered Wetlands Project (LMEWP) is a successful demonstration of the use of engineered wetlands to treat and reuse wastewater. The demonstration project has shown that engineered wetland treatment facilities constitute ...
04 Sep 2014 by iwlearn | sap | project: 767 Strategic Action Programme for the Lake Chad Basin: Agreed by the LCBC Member States of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria
Final SAP: 11 June 2008 This Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Lake Chad Basin has been prepared as part of the UNDP-World Bank-GEF project entitled Reversal of Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Lake Chad Basin Ecosystem. The SAP i...
03 Sep 2014 | sap | project: 1017 Strategic Action Programme for the Protection of Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Lake Tanganyika and its Basin
Endorsed on 29th February 2012 by the Lake Tanganyika Authority Conference of Ministers in Kigoma, United Republic of Tanzania, the SAP for the Protection of Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Lake Tanganyika and its B...
15 May 2014 | project-information | project: 5748 IWRM Titicaca-Desaguadero-Poopo-Salar de Coipasa System - PIF Document
Project Objective: To promote the conservation and sustainable use of water resources in the Titicaca-Desaguadero-Poopó- Salar de Coipasa (TDPS) transboundary system, through the updating the Global3 Binational Master Plan
08 May 2014 by iwlearn | tda | project: 767 Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of the Lake Chad Basin
This is the TDA of Lake Chad Basin prepared for the L.C.B.C. - G.E.F. Project on the reversal of land and water resources degradation. This Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, a key output of the the LCBC-GEF programme, focuses on the transboundary...
14 Mar 2014 | report | project: 4029 Groundwater Resources in Shallow Transboundary Aquifers in the Baikal Basin: Current Knowledge, Protection and Management
The present report is a contribution to the Project Integrated Natural Resources Management in the Baikal Basin Transboundary Ecosystem, implemented by UNDP and funded by the GEF. The report was prepared by UNESCO-IHP, one of the project’s...
13 Sep 2012 | tda | project: 767 Projet D’Analyse Diagnostique Transforntaliere du Bassin du Lac Tchad
10 Aug 2012 | report | project: 3341 Report on Transboundary Lake Basin Management: Laurentian and African Great Lakes
A UNU-INWEH Report synthesizing the discussions and lessons learned during dialogues on Transboundary Lake Basin Management and Twinning, held in Entebbe, Uganda (2008) and Niagara Falls, Canada (2009)