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BSEP - Terminal Evaluation

In order to assess the implementation of the project for the Environmental Management and Protection of the Black Sea (RER/93/G31) an evaluation team was contracted in October/November 1995 by UNOPS. The evaluation was carried out from 6 to 20 November 1995 and results of the evaluation were published as a Project Evaluation Report issued on 20 November 1995. For the purpose of the present evaluation the Project Evaluation Report was studied carefully and all activities which were identified by the report and suggested to be implemented by the end of the project were extracted and are presented in the first column of the Annex I, Table 1 (information in brackets for each of the activities indicate page number and paragraph number of the Project Evaluation Report document issued in November 1995).

397: Black Sea Environmental Management (BSEP)

01 Jan 2016

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