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Managing Multi-lateral Intergovernmental Projects and Programmes. 2005. (335 KB)

The management of comprehensive and extensive, multi-lateral and multi-national programmes and projects in the field of coastal and ocean management poses numerous organisational problems encompassing co-ordination between the actions of individual participating countries and interventions that are designed to address issues as diverse as: biological diversity conservation and sustainable use; fisheries management; maritime transport; and the control of land based pollution. Whilst the substantive issues and problems that are to be addressed during project implementation are generally well analysed and the potential solutions are generally identified based on sound scientific knowledge and information, less attention is all too frequently paid to the management structure that will ensure coherence and co-ordination of the interventions once the programme or project is under implementation.

885: Reversing Environmental Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand (SCS)

30 Nov 2010

Managing Multi-lateral Intergovernmental Projects and Programmes. 2005. (335 KB).pdf