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Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of San Juan River Basin

The San Juan River basin and its coastal zone is located in the area that drains into the Caribbean Sea and covers a large part of the territory of Costa Rica and Nicaragua and constitutes an important part of the natural capital of both countries. It contains a variety of ecosystems and highly valuable water resources. This transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA) is the result of studies conducted within the SJRB using funds provided in part through a Project Preparation and Development Facility (PDF) Block B grant of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The TDA is designed to identify and evaluate the major environmental problems that face, or may face, the SJRB and to determine their root causes. In addition, the TDA seeks to identify the cause-effect chain underlying the identified problems, and to determine their relationship with the deterioration of the basin’s water resources. The TDA emphasizes the transboundary aspect of the SJRB, and represents a potential contribution to the development of the GEF’s operational strategy in international waters. (p. 4)

791: Formulation of a Strategic Action Programme for the Integrated Management of Water Resources and Sustainable Development of the San Juan River Basin and its Coastal Zone (PROCUENCA)

14 May 2014


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