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Gulf of Honduras Project Brief / Descripción del Proyecto:

This project proposal for the environmental management of the Gulf of Honduras (GOH), “Environmental Protection and Maritime transport Pollution Control in the Gulf of Honduras,” has a primary focus on demonstration of new and mixed technologies to address some of the major environmental problems and issues of the Gulf leading to the degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems by human activities. The long-term goal of the project is to reverse the degradation of the coastal and marine ecosystems by enhancing the control and prevention of maritime transport-related pollution in the major ports and navigation lanes, improving navigational safety to avoid groundings and spills, and reducing land-based inputs to the adjacent coastal and marine areas within the Gulf of Honduras. These issues have been identified as Major Perceived Problems and Issues (MPPI) during the TDA process. Chemical spills, collisions, and ship groundings occur in this region due to lack of capacity and lack of demonstration of both innovative and available technologies to minimize these events through regional cooperation.

963: Environmental Protection and Maritime Transport Pollution Control of the Gulf of Honduras

15 Apr 2010 by iwlearn

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