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DLIST-Benguela Newsletter No.2 - Coastal Tourism

The Namib Desert has been known to be sensitive to human activities for decades. The increase in All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) activity, especially quad bikes, has led to additional negative impacts. Because quad bikes are prohibited in Namibia’s coastal parks, they concentrate in the central Namib between Walvis Bay and the Ugab River—the most sensitive stretch on the entire coastal zone. The NACOMA (Namibian Coast Conservation and Management) Project is now facilitating the regulation of general quad bike activity on the desert coast. A Contingency Management Plan has been prepared and a Contingency Management Committee (CMC) created to guide policy makers and authorities in dealing with the increased number of quad bikes descending on the coast annually.

2571: Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool for the Benguela Coastal Areas (DLIST-Benguela)

18 May 2010


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