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GPA Outreach, October 16, 2006

Welcome to the first edition of the IGR-2 Special Series of GPA Outreach. GPA Outreach is a monthly newsletter produced during the preparatory process of the Second Intergovernmental Review Meeting (IGR-2) of the UNEP Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (GPA). Since February 2006, GPA Outreach has aimed to keep stakeholders up-to-date on the planning and preparatory events of the IGR-2. Special editions of GPA Outreach produced at the 4th Word Water Week in Mexico City and World Water Week in Stockholm also served to raise awareness among the freshwater community about the important role of the Global Programme of Action and spread the message of the importance of linking coastal, marine and freshwater environments.

2722: Fostering a Global Dialogue on Oceans, Coasts, and SIDS, and on Freshwater-Coastal-Marine Interlinkages

11 Mar 2010


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