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PDF-B Project Document for Amazon river basin

The goal of this project is to strengthen the institutional framework for planning and executing, in a coordinated and coherent manner, activities for the protection and sustainable management of the land and water resources of the Amazon River Basin in the face of ongoing climatic changes being experienced in the Basin. The proposed project endeavors to realize a shared vision for the sustainable development of the region, based upon the protection and integrated management of transboundary water resources and adaptation to climatic changes. This specific project or PDF-B represents the preparatory phase, which will primarily build a common vision, formulate a framework TDA for the basin as a whole as well as a project brief for the next phase through a comprehensive public participation process.

2364: Integrated and Sustainable Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Basin Considering Climate Variability and Change

21 Sep 2014 by iwlearn

PDF-B Project Document for Amazon river basin.pdf