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Guinea Current 42 Giwa Regional Assessment

GIWA region 42 covers the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME) and the basins of the rivers flowing into it. The coastal zone stretches over 5 560 km from the Bissagos archipelago in Guinea-Bissau to the mouth of the Congo River. The region includes 28 international river basins and covers entirely or partially 27 countries with a land area of 8 340 200 km2. In spite of the differences in size and population, the countries share many similarities in socio-economic conditions. First and foremost in relation to demography, culture and history; but also in relation to economy and social conditions, with the World Bank characterising most of the countries of the region as “Least developed countries”.

584: Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA)

10 Jan 2014


Guinea Current 42 Giwa Regional Assessment.pdf