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Project Document - Philippines

The lack of appropriate technology and proper health and safety procedures in the informal gold mining sector in Mindanao have led to severe environmental degradation and mercury pollution of river systems and adjacent agricultural sites. In some areas, the health of people and working animals has already been affected. Due to a lack of trained personnel and equipment, the extent of the pollution has not yet been assessed. The project is planned to monitor mercury level in mining communities through hair, blood and urine analyses. Furthermore, the Project will strengthen the capacity of the local DENR laboratory in Mindanao for undertaking mercury analyses in affected river systems and neighboring rice and banana plantations. Based on the results proposals will be prepared on introduction and promotion of legislative and technical measures to introduce more efficient gold recovery techniques that minimize the utilization of mercury and stop the dangerous pollution with the toxic metal. In cooperation with UNEP 50 representatives from local small-scale mining associations, LGUs, provincial and municipal environmental offices including DENR-MGB personnel will be trained in environmental management of small-scale mining operations.

1223: Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Mining and Extraction Technologies

07 May 2010

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