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A Communications Planning Guide for International Waters Projects

If you are an International Waters Project Manager, or team member, and you want to know how to use communications to help achieve your project objectives - then this Guide is for you. Perhaps you’re not even 100% sure what communications means or even where to begin. Or maybe you already know quite a lot about communications, but you just like a few tips or insights from other Project Managers doing similar work in this area. This Guide was designed by International Waters project staff to help other projects find effective ways to improve the planning and implementation of their communications activities. The Guide is based on examples, case studies, and lessons, from a range of International Waters Projects from around the world, and it will help you to identify best-practices and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

1460: Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube River Basin-Phase I Project

06 May 2010


A Communications Planning Guide for International Waters Projects.pdf