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Orange-Senqu River: UNDP-GEF Project Document

UNDP Project Document: Development and adoption of a Strategic Action Programme for balancing water uses and sustainable natural resource management in the Orange-Senqu River trans-boundary basin (PIMS: 3243) The Project will assist the Orange-Senqu riparian states to 1) identify the principal threats and root causes of the trans-boundary water resources of the Orange-Senqu River Transboundary Basin and 2) develop and implement a sustainable programme of policy, legal and institutional reforms and investments to address these threats. Competing water uses in the context of dwindling and uncertain future supplies is seen as the critical issue in the basin and will be a principal focus of project attention from the very outset. The Project will create synergies with and build upon a range of initiatives being undertaken by the countries themselves and those of bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors that have given priority to the Basin.

2701: Development and Adoption of a Strategic Action Program for Balancing Water Uses and Sustainable Natural Resource Management in the Orange-Senqu River Transboundary Basin

04 May 2010

Orange-Senqu River: UNDP-GEF Project Document.pdf