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Experience Note: Lessons-learned Reporting on Stakeholder Involvement: WIO-Lab

2006: While this existing political and institutional framework provides a good ground for political embedding of strategy formulation and decision-making, the capacity for stakeholder involvement (technical, financial and human resources) of the dedicated focal point institutions and individual focal persons may in cases be limited; experience with wide stakeholder involvement (or the motivation to assure such) may be limited or even non existent. The WIO-LaB strategy for stakeholder participation is based upon a stakeholder involvement strategy that distinguishes between three levels of stakeholder involvement. The project has been underway for 15 months, and the approach is proven to be successful so far, in particular as it concerns the regional-level stakeholder involvement. However, the success rate of the national stakeholder involvement activities is still to be proven, with many of the project countries still establishing their strategies and structures. Peter Scheren

1247: Addressing Land-based Activities in the Western Indian Ocean

12 Jan 2015 by iwlearn

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