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Experience Note: Lessons-learned on Project Management Structure: Rio São Francisco

2006: In order to execute the project, ANA made special institutional arrangements and cooperation agreements with the main federal, state and municipal institutions as well as NGOs involved in the project thus providing a strong institutional framework for the project. In order to overcome the previous lack of integration among subprojects, the Technical Coordination established a program of meetings for clusters of subprojects working in similar thematic areas. The management structure adopted for the São Francisco Project could be replicated in single-country projects or used for the national level management structures in multi-country projects. In the Brazilian case, the national executing agency was a strong institution both politically and technically and was able to establish a solid institutional framework for the execution of project activities. At the same time, the Basin was rapidly placed at the top governmental agenda and received priority for the implementation of the national policy instruments.

586: Integrated Management of Land-Based Activities in the Sao Francisco Basin

27 Nov 2014 by iwlearn

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