International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Mid-term Independent Evaluation (MTE) of IW:LEARN

This report reflects the response to the monitoring and evaluation requirement of paragraph 34 of the IW:LEARN Project document1 to undertake an independent Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE2). This report reflects 26 working days of input. The MTE mobilized on 23rd October 2006 and a questionnaire format was agreed on October 30th. A second questionnaire was subsequently developed to support short interviews. Both questionnaires were used. The draft of the MTE was submitted to UNOPS on 10th December.

1893: Strengthening Global Capacity to Sustain Transboundary Waters: The International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (IW:LEARN), Operational Phase

08 Apr 2010

Mid-term Independent Evaluation (MTE) of IW:LEARN.pdf

Mid-term Evaluation