International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

NWSAS-Terminal Report

The report surveys international experience in transfrontier water management with a view to identifying best practice and, in particular, lessons from other parts of the world that might be applicable to the NWSAS. However, it finds that the vast bulk of existing experience relates to shared watercourses and to managing the basins of international rivers and lakes. The science of transboundary groundwater management is still in its infancy, though some domestic practice could offer ideas for the NWSAS countries. Although the principles of managing transfrontier resources generally apply also to groundwater, and whereas early experience in other transboundary groundwater basins can offer some ideas, NWSAS must inevitably continue to serve as something of a pioneer.

1851: Protection of the North West Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS) and related humid zones and ecosystems

06 Apr 2010

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Terminal Evaluation