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Analysis of the Tisza River Basin

This file contains: Surface layers permeability in the Tisza River basin; Isohyets of the multi-annual mean precipitation in the Tisza River basin; Mean annual runoff; Flood defences in the Tisza River basin in Hungary; Flood defences improvement scheme of Transcarpathia, Ukraine; Improvement of flood conveyance of Tisza River in Hungary; Flood map from the Hungarian part of the Tisza River basin including planned flood detention basins along the Tisza River in Hungary; Historic flood map of permanently and temporarily inundated areas before the flood alleviation and drainage works; Map on flooded areas during 1998-2006; Distribution of the aridity factor in the Tisza River basin; and Deviation between the annual depth of groundwater table in 2003 and the annual mean for 1956-1960 in Hungary.

2617: Establishment of a Basin Management Framework for the Integrated Management for the Tisza Transboundary River Basin

14 Oct 2013

Analysis of the Tisza River Basin.pdf