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TDA/SAP Manual

(2020 Edition) The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach is a highly collaborative process that has proven to be a major strategic planning tool for GEF International Waters Projects over the last 20 years. The TDA/SAP approach was first presented as a guidance document with an associated training course in 200X. In 2012 the approach was updated by IW:LEARN with associated guidance documents on Project Management. In 2017 IW:LEARN again provided an update to the 2013 guidance manual incorporating links and brief summaries of other recent guidance material developed by GEF Projects including IW:LEARN and LME:LEARN. The main technical role of a TDA is to identify, quantify, and set priorities for environmental problems that are transboundary in nature.

27 Oct 2020

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