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[WIOSAP] United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Workshop Report

This workshop gathered ocean leaders, champions and key stakeholders and facilitated regional, interdisciplinary discussions across different sectors and industries to identify concrete deliverables and partnerships to meet the Decade's six societal outcomes. Discussions were centered on regional needs and priorities in terms of transforming knowledge systems, accelerating transfer of technology, enabling training and education, and fostering science-policy dialogues and thus ensure consideration of these needs in the overall Decade preparation process. Specifically, the Workshop aimed to: Communicate the purpose and expected results of the Decade to all stakeholders, and generate interest in participating in the Decade; Brief the participants on proposed arrangements for the Decade, including structure and governance, and solicit feedback; Engage and consult the ocean community concerning the implementation plan for the Decade, including identifying priorities in research or in capacity development and training; Discuss priority themes or topics that may be part of the Decade in line with the six identified societal outcomes; Identify initial opportunities for investment, partnerships, and resource mobilization for the Decade; Identify ways in which Decade can synergize Africa's priorities as identified by 2050 AIMS, AU Agenda 2063, Decades of African Seas and Oceans and other regional and continental processes; Identify ways to ensure Africa's effective participation in the Decade.

4940: Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Protection of the Western Indian Ocean from Land-based Sources and Activities

29 Aug 2020

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