International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

[GEF IWEco] IWEco:Link - Volume 3, Issue 1 (January - March 2020)

In this issue: Local communities benefit from SGP collaboration with IWEco, pgs. 1-3; Message from the RPC, pgs. 1-8; SGP in St. Kitts & Nevis Highlights, pg. 2; IWEco:TT Quarry Rehabilitation Champions have graduated, pg. 4; Having fun and learning about the Negril Great Morass too!, pg. 4; IWEco’s Mid-Term Review is Underway!, pg. 5; Students in St. Kitts learn about IWEco & Environmental careers, pg. 5; SDG Workshop introduces interlinkages, pg. 5; World Wetlands Day in the Negril Great Morass, pg.6; IWEco, “Water and Climate Change”, pg. 7; GEF IWEco’s 4th Regional Project Steering Committee Meeting postponed, pg. 8.

4932: Integrating Water, Land and Ecosystems Management in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (IWEco)

22 Apr 2020

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[GEF IWEco] IWEco:Link - Volume 3, Issue 1 (January - March 2020).pdf