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Women as Change-Makers in the Governance of Shared Waters

This paper targets an audience of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers who are interested in taking action, policy and research further on these topics. It combines a survey of the literature with a collection of case examples describing how women in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa are leading change on the ground in governing shared waters. Because the scientific and grey literature on the role of women in transboundary water governance is still scant, this exploratory document also draws on literature and data from the non-transboundary realm to explore the relevant genderrelated dimensions of governing and sharing water, from a transboundary perspective. This actionoriented piece takes stock of what we know so far to highlight policy measures that can already be recommended, tested tools and approaches that can be harnessed in practice, while also suggesting topics for further research. (Published in 2018)

27 Mar 2020

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