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Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the La Plata Basin

Through a broad participatory process, the state and behavior of water systems were characterized, synthesizing the main current and emerging critical transboundary issues (CTIs), their associated causal chains, preliminary proposals for solutions, and information gaps. As presented in the Macro- Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (MAC-TDA), the main CTIs of the Basin are: 1. Extreme hydrological events linked to climate variability and change; 2. Water quality degradation; 3. Sedimentation of waterways and bodies of water in the Basin; 4. Disruption and loss of biodiversity; 5. Unsustainable use of fishery resources; 6. Unsustainable use of aquifers in critical areas; 7. Water use conflicts and the environmental impact of irrigated crops; 8. Lack of disaster contingency plans; 9. Poor water health and the deterioration of environmental sanitation

2095: Sustainable Management of the Water Resources of the La Plata Basin with Respect to the Effects of Climate Variability and Change

26 feb. 2020

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