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GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability-PPG

Pacific countries believe that they have not had equitable access to GEF resources and, hence, their use has been below levels commensurate with the needs of the island states to conserve global biological diversity, prevent land degradation, protect international waters, manage chemicals in a sound manner, and mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Since 1991 only $86 million in grants have been allocated to projects in 14 Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Moreover, 90% of these resources have been provided for Enabling Activities and resource assessments and, to a limited extent, for capacity building. Progress in completing many of these activities has been slow, with a few countries still to complete their projects. As a result, GEF interventions have had a limited impact even though the global and linked national environment problems in these countries remain unresolved.

3420: PAS GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability

26 Nov 2012

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