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[LME21] Agenda (as of 18 September 2019)

The LME21 meeting aims, inter alia, to: Mobilize practitioners and partners to enhance the LME community’s efforts towards implementation of SAPs as well as implementation of the Agenda 2030 agenda, in particular SDG14 targets; Present latest development in solving the critical issues important for the implementation of LME projects and programs, such as coastal resilience, pollution, fisheries, coastal degradation etc; Discuss and approve the medium term program of work (roadmap) of future LME consultative meetings; Inform potential partners of the benefits that creating alliances with the LME initiatives may bring; Advise on the transformation of the TDA-SAP process from an almost exclusively “problem-solving” mechanism towards a “leveraging-opportunities” investment framework.


18 Sep 2019

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