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Scaling up Community Actions for International Waters Management

The GEF Small Grants Programme has supported the implementation of regional Strategic Action Programmes with 1,027 small grant projects in more than forty transboundary waterbodies around the World. SGP experience show that communities when empowered to take action can implement concrete measures to reverse environmental degradation trends. The ten cases in this publication further highlight the way in which diverse communities from Cuba to Cape Verde, and Mauritius to Malaysia have tackled critical water and ecosystem management challenges with limited resources, to achieve environmental protection hand in hand with crucial benefits to local livelihoods, health and wellbeing. The lessons learned presented provide valuable guidance on supporting community innovations and then their eventual scaling up through multiple partnerships and links with larger projects. Complementing the global and regional aspects of International Waters work with local elements that empower and sustain is what we need to do if we are to achieve SDG 14 – our “Life Below Water” goal.

01 Aug 2019

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