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[MedPartnership] Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy in Montenegro

Preparation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Strategy for Montenegro was undertaken in parallel with the preparation of the Coastal Area Spatial Plan, the most important planning document for coastal areas in Montenegro. Having in mind the fact that the Montenegrin coastline is only 300 km long, but with high pressure from coastal urbanization, as well as that a specific spatial plan for this same coastal zone is being prepared in parallel, the ICZM Strategy for Montenegro was designed to incorporate elements of the management plan as a guide for the preparation and implementation of the Coastal Area Spatial Plan, in line with the requirements of the ICZM Protocol. Specific recommendations for the plan were based on the results of a vulnerability assessment adapted for use within coastal management strategies and plans. The main recommendations include criteria and guidelines for determining future land uses, the key instruments enabling their implementation, and proposing an appropriate mechanism for coordinated planning and management.

2600: Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem--Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas

24 Apr 2019

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