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[MedPartnership] Enhancing water governance & sustainable financing in the Mediterranean [Experience Note]

In most Mediterranean countries, governance bottlenecks and financing gaps undermine the quality and sustainability of water supply and sanitation with direct negative impacts on the environment. Targeted action towards better water governance and sustainable financing –using an integrated approach with environment being a core component- has been supported by MedPartnership at both national and regional levels, in synergy with the UfM labeled project ‘Governance & Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector’. In line with IWRM principles, the national activities included inclusive multi-stakeholders policy dialogues and parallel technical analysis, cross-feeding each another. The dialogues assisted stakeholders achieve a common understanding on key challenges and reach consensus on the ways to effectively tackle them. Annual meetings fostered regional dialogue by promoting the sharing of policy experiences, the diffusion and replication of successful practices and facilitating the interface between policy-makers and private sector actors on needed governance reforms. MedPartnership has been instrumental for designing, setting off and co-supporting this line of work with activities in Egypt (2009-2010), Lebanon (2010-2012), Palestine (2014-15) and Tunisia (2013-2014).

2600: Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem--Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas

24 Apr 2019

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