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International Waters and Governance Reference and Training Manual

Published in August 2013, the objective of these reference and training materials is to provide practical and “learnercentered” training materials regarding international waters and governance issues. These materials were developed for two key reasons. First, there appeared to be a relative lack of user friendly international training materials succinctly integrating negotiation skills with international water law training. Second, there appeared to be a niche for a more “learner centered” training approach to governance and international waters focusing on analysis of experience, and encouraging attendees to become increasingly self directed and more responsible for their own learning. Under such an approach, first hand and vicarious experiences, dialogue among learners as well as between instructors and learners, and analysis and interpretation would become the focus of instruction. The target audience for these materials includes inexperienced and experienced negotiators, and practitioners of international waters governance, and those with an interest in developing effective negotiation skills and techniques.

3340: Good Practices and Portfolio Learning in Transboundary Freshwater and Marine Legal and Institutional Frameworks

12 Apr 2019

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