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Mozambique MEDA Report

Mozambique is located in the South-Eastern part of the African Continent, between latitudes 10°27’S and 26°52’S and longitudes 30º 12’E and 40º 51’E. The country has a total surface area of 784,032 km2 subdivided into 10 provinces. The country possesses the third longest coastline in the Indian Ocean covering a total distance of 2700 km. Total continental shelf area is about 104,300 km2. The current population is slightly more than 20 million people with a growth rate of 2.5% per annum. Most of the population is concentrated in the southern provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane and in central and Northern provinces of Zambézia and Nampula. About 43% of the population resides within the coastal region of the country.

1462: Programme for the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems: Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems Project (ASCLME)

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