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SIDSNet Project Document

The Small Island Developing States Network (SIDSNet) was initially established by UNDP in response to the Barbados Program of Action for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The Sustainable Develo pment Networking Programme (SDNP) and the Special Agency for Technical Cooperation between Developing Countries (TCDC) of UNDP were the initial coordinators. SIDSNet is a medium for communications for SIDS stakeholders on issues regarding the BPoA, and for promoting the sharing of SIDS experiences and the development of the global SIDS agenda. As of mid - 2000, SIDSNet has been transferred to the SIDS Unit of UN DESA to streamline the delivery of information, assistance and coordination of SIDS related matter s within the UN system.

1455: Capacity Building for Small Island Developing States through SIDSNet

14 Oct 2013

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