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African LME Newsletter for December 2013

The African LME Caucus Africa’s five Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) encompass 33 coastal states with an estimated population of 600 million people, 50 per cent of whom live within 100 kilometres of the coast and depend on healthy ecosystems and sustainable fisheries for their livelihoods. The African LMEs include the Agulhas and Somali Currents LME; the Benguela LME; the Canary Current LME; the Guinea Current LME; and the Meditteranean LME. The newsletter of the LME Caucus strives to improve communication between Large Marine Ecosystem Projects and inter-governmental commissions across Africa.

3305: Implementation of the Benguela Current LME Action Program for Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Reducing Coastal Resources Degradation

20 Dec 2013


African LME Newsletter for December 2013.pdf