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Inception report

The Flood and Drought Management Tools project initiated an inception phase from May 2014 to November 2014. During this time a series of stakeholder consultation meetings were carried out by DHI and IWA in the Volta Basin, Lake Victoria Basin and Chao Phraya Basin in Thailand. These consultations were aimed at gaining an understanding of how the project can improve water planning in the 3 basins, in order to formulate a detailed project description for the inception meeting. The findings from the meetings were used to revise the project document, resulting in the Inception Report. As such the Inception Report is the revised Project Document which will guide the work of the PMU for the next coming years — The Workplan (Annex C) come as separate pdf file, which you can find on the 'Documents' page of the project website (

4533: Flood and Drought Management Tools

19 Dec 2018

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