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The Ecosystem Approach in Maritime Spatial Planning (2017)

There is a lot of talk about the Ecosystem Approach, or as called in the EU-directives “an Ecosystem Based Approach”, in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Many have heard its name but few have actually seen it. And those who have cannot really be sure. This is where the Baltic SCOPE-project saw a need to make a difference. An Ecosystem Approach task force was formed under the lead of Sweden with participants from Estonia and Latvia. The group was later enlarged to include all project partners by adding Poland, Germany and Denmark. This checklist toolbox represents the results of the task force and is an official output from the Baltic SCOPE project. The aim of the toolbox is to contribute to a harmonized understanding of what the Ecosystem Approach is and how it can be practically implemented in MSP.

10 Sep 2018

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The Ecosystem Approach in Maritime Spatial Planning (2017).pdf