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BCLME SAP-IMP MidTerm Evaluation Report

The purpose of the Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) has been to examine the progress and performance of the project since the start of its implementation. The MTE includes the evaluation of both the progress in project implementation, measured against planned outputs and outcomes set forth in the Project Document, and the assessment of features related to the process involved in achieving those outcomes, and the progress towards project objective. The evaluation also identifies and addresses causes and issues that constrain the achievement of set targets. This Mid-term Evaluation has been conducted in a participatory manner consistent with its essential objective to assess the project implementation and impacts in order to provide a basis for improvement in implementation over the remaining time of the project, and other decisions.

3305: Implementation of the Benguela Current LME Action Program for Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Reducing Coastal Resources Degradation

12 Feb 2015

BCLME SAP-IMP MidTerm Evaluation Report.pdf

Mid-term Evaluation